Techie Brekkie At The Movies

Wow! What a great techie brekkie this morning. Thanks Tom for walking us through iMovie on the iPad. Your short Bike Ed movie was an inspiration. As soon as we  loaded our video footage into the app it was easy to see the potential for students to engage in deep learning through creating their own movies. Discovering the movie trailer templates provided iMovie was an eye opener. The easy to follow templates makes creating a short movie very simple. Below is an example of a trailer that Chelsea put together in a matter of minutes using video footage that she had taken of techie brekkie.

“It’s so intuitive”-Chelsea

“Last year I had my students making trailers to advertise school and classroom events”-Sophie

Tom has suggested that a Techie Brekkie in a few weeks time be dedicated to iMovie again but this time a show and tell session where we share the short movies that we or the students have created using iMovie on the iPad. This would be a great opportunity for people to share their creativity as well as discuss some of the opportunities that iMovie brings to teaching and learning.

The next techie brekkie will be next Wednesday as always. Further details coming soon. Be sure to check the techie brekkie trailer below.

Techie Brekkie 29/10/14 iMovie On The iPad

Hi all,

This week we have a special techie brekkie centred around iMovie on the iPad. Tom has been using iMovie with his PE and Bike Ed students to great effect and he has offered to share his expertise with us Techie Brekkians! So be sure to bring your iPads or grab one from one of the trolleys and take a couple of short videos to experiment with on Wednesday morning. iMovie is an incredibly powerful, creative and versatile tool/App that is on all the Bell iPads. Don’t forget your $2 for coffee, yummy pastries are provided.

Techie Brekkie 29-10-2014

How are you following your favourite blogs?

There was a great turn out for Techie Breakie No.3 nearly all the pastries were finished and the smell of fresh coffee wafted through the corridor. This session we looked at how to use RSS readers to follow/subscribe to your favourite blogs and student blogs. We also revisited Diigo (our school social bookmarking site) and how to use your mobile device web browser to bookmark those wonderful resources to share with staff. It was also great to see that people had brought there own “techie” question.

RSS Readers: Feedly, Flipboard

How to save to Diigo on your iphone

How to save to Diigo on your iPad using safari

Not Ed related but it did come up in conversation:


Tripadvisor for your handheld device