Great Google!

Techie Brekkie this week was presented in a different format. We had the 4 members of the ICT Team covering a slightly different aspect of Google Drive, Docs and Sheets.

Matt took control of the iPads and ran through how Google Drive works on the iPad as it differs slightly when on a tablet or mobile rather than a computer. This will be useful for both staff and students, especially when it comes to collaborating, sharing and saving work.

Toby’s group explored how Google Docs can be used to provide feedback on student work. We looked at the ‘comments’ tool as well as the ‘suggesting’ function. ‘Suggesting’ allowing teachers to do propose changes to student work which can then be ‘approved’ or ‘declined’. Finally, we looked at how teachers can view the ‘revision history’ for a document, so they can look at the progress made during different draft stages.

Megan looked at Google Sheets (similar to Microsoft’s Excel) and how to use Conditional Formatting to colour code cells and make it easier to see the data that’s being presented. You can format any data in this way but she has found it particularly useful in looking at individual answers to questions from a student activity as demonstrated in the video below:

Andrew looked at our Bell PS Google Shared docs. We discussed how find documents, create documents, and share them with staff and students within our Bell PS Domain as well as people outside our domain.


All of the ICT Team are more than happy to chat to you about any techie stuff so if you missed a techie brekkie and want to catch up on something, come and see us or email and make a time to chat!



Techie Brekkie At The Movies

Wow! What a great techie brekkie this morning. Thanks Tom for walking us through iMovie on the iPad. Your short Bike Ed movie was an inspiration. As soon as we  loaded our video footage into the app it was easy to see the potential for students to engage in deep learning through creating their own movies. Discovering the movie trailer templates provided iMovie was an eye opener. The easy to follow templates makes creating a short movie very simple. Below is an example of a trailer that Chelsea put together in a matter of minutes using video footage that she had taken of techie brekkie.

“It’s so intuitive”-Chelsea

“Last year I had my students making trailers to advertise school and classroom events”-Sophie

Tom has suggested that a Techie Brekkie in a few weeks time be dedicated to iMovie again but this time a show and tell session where we share the short movies that we or the students have created using iMovie on the iPad. This would be a great opportunity for people to share their creativity as well as discuss some of the opportunities that iMovie brings to teaching and learning.

The next techie brekkie will be next Wednesday as always. Further details coming soon. Be sure to check the techie brekkie trailer below.

Techie Brekkie 29/10/14 iMovie On The iPad

Hi all,

This week we have a special techie brekkie centred around iMovie on the iPad. Tom has been using iMovie with his PE and Bike Ed students to great effect and he has offered to share his expertise with us Techie Brekkians! So be sure to bring your iPads or grab one from one of the trolleys and take a couple of short videos to experiment with on Wednesday morning. iMovie is an incredibly powerful, creative and versatile tool/App that is on all the Bell iPads. Don’t forget your $2 for coffee, yummy pastries are provided.

Techie Brekkie 29-10-2014

Another Fabulous Techie Brekkie

Another fabulous Techie Brekkie this morning. A round table discussion about what people had been doing with their ipads revealed some of the most fascinating things. There were teachers recording video of their students reading their running records, using Doodle Buddy for sorting out counting and addition in maths, using Evernote for collecting spelling data and other assessments, video reflections during inquiry, using the ipad as a second screen whilst completing admin work. As you can see there is a diverse range of uses for the ipad and its great to see the device being used in a deep and personal manner that supports teaching and learning.

After the round table discussion people were able to pair off to find out more about how they were using the ipads to support teaching and learning. Megan worked with a small group of teachers looking at Evernote and Skitch for note and assessment keeping. Mel and Robyn worked through some Google docs tips and tricks, like how to add a comment to a doc. Chelsea and Anna looked at the Edublogs/Global2  blogging and how to get a slide show of images into a post. Andrew and Karen went through the ‘ins and outs’ of Book Creator. How a student can create a book, add images and text then export it out as an ePub. We were both amazed at how easy it is to share a document using Flick.

Techie Brekkies will be running weekly this term so see you all next week.

Techie Brekkie 15/10

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