QR Codes

What a lovely learning group we had for the first Techie Brekkie for Term 4. It was great to see so many staff members up early and ready for learning (and pastries!)


Matt ran through QR codes and an easy to use site where you can generate your own QR codes, download and save them to your computer and also track how many times the code has been scanned. While there are many free and paid-for QR generators online, the one we chose to present was SnapVu.

While there are many, many different ways to utilise QR codes in schools some of the more popular uses include:

  • Providing a hyperlink to a research website, video or file that you want students to view online.
  • Easy access to school website, blogs, documents for the school community
  • Scanning to share work – if there is a finished product on display at an open evening, there may be a QR code scan to a video about how the product was made.
  • Checking answers – students can complete tasks and then scan a code to check an answer and correct their own work.
  • Scavenger hunts – as seen at Bell’s eSmart Day!
  • Digital reading resources – have a basket or wall in your literacy space with QR codes linked to digital texts (as seen at techie Brekkie)

Some links to other reads and ideas about QR codes in Classrooms:
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40 Interesting Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom (not all suitable for our school)

*** The next Techie Brekkie is scheduled for TUESDAY 27th OCTOBER and will be looking at iMovie.

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