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Techie Brekke No.5 was all about Google Forms. After looking at them in detail I had forgotten how powerful Google Forms are. The tool itself is very easy to set up.

As you can see its a fairly easy process. Which lead to some interesting conversation about its uses for teachers and students. Some examples ideas discussed: Student surveys for students to collect data for a project, mini tests for student assessment, embedding a form into your class blog to collect data from the school community or other global collaborator. “Where ever there is a form there’s a spreadsheet” and we touched lightly on Google spreadsheets and how they interact with the accompanying Google Form. One thing missing from the ‘how to’ video above is that you can now add/embedd images to your Google form. This is great for ‘tune in’ or ‘activating prior knowledge’ activities at the beginning of a project or lesson.

Our next Techie Brekkie will be on the 12 of September. There will be a focus on the Global2 blogging tool that we use for our level blogs and will cover creating effective blog rolls, embedding video, audio, calendars and much much more!



Techie Brekkie Update No.4

Techie Breakie No.4 was all about Google Documents. Now that we have had a chance to play around with the tool and experience the collaborative power of docs,  it was now time to ‘level up’. But first there was the pressing question around using tables in Google docs. Ok, I am the first to admit… Tables don’t work as well in Docs as they do in Word. That’s one of the trade off’s when working with a web based tool. The solution? Well there isn’t one really. Its about rethinking how tables are used. So rather than nesting tables with in a table or 1 cell row on top of several columns. Table need to be rethought as separate entites. Separate Cell sitting above a three columns for example. 

Being teachers we love to colour code stuff. Doing this to a table is easy just go to. The “Table” tab and then click table properties and then click cell background

Google have made sure that Doc’s aren’t syphoned off from the rest of the web. Using the research tool you can now highlight text, go to tools, click research and inside the document it will search the web for that text. This is great for citing and finding, verifying and contrasting information.

Other things that were discussed were:

Wow all this in just 45 minutes. The next Techie Breakie we will be digging deeper into some of the other Google Apps that could be used. Such as Google Forms, Drawings and Pixlar.


How are you following your favourite blogs?

There was a great turn out for Techie Breakie No.3 nearly all the pastries were finished and the smell of fresh coffee wafted through the corridor. This session we looked at how to use RSS readers to follow/subscribe to your favourite blogs and student blogs. We also revisited Diigo (our school social bookmarking site) and how to use your mobile device web browser to bookmark those wonderful resources to share with staff. It was also great to see that people had brought there own “techie” question.

RSS Readers: Feedly, Flipboard

How to save to Diigo on your iphone

How to save to Diigo on your iPad using safari

Not Ed related but it did come up in conversation:


Tripadvisor for your handheld device 


Techie Breakie Success

Another Techie Breakie success this morning! Over coming the ‘slight problem’ of not having access to the school wireless, we managed to all connect to the internet via my phone. There was a great turnout and loads of Google Calendar Goodness was to be had.

Highlights were:
Change calendar events by dragging and dropping the event icon on the new date.
Automatically creating a Google Map when typing an address in the ‘where’ field when creating a new event.
Creating repeating events instantly.
Booking a Bell PS resource and room.
Embedding the school public calendar in a classblog webpage.

Thanks to all the wonderful ‘techie breakfasters’ who enjoyed the session and the pastries.